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FACIAL TREATMENTS BY NATURA BISSÉ | Natura Bissé was a pioneer in applying non-destructive acid hydrolysis of proteins (HVA system) to the world of cosmetics. This system gives access to the basic component elements of protein, amino acids, not only in their free form, but also with all of their properties intact.

Facial Carboxi-Express Rambla130 by Natura Bissè€48

Combats the signs of skin aging through the application of CO2

The Cure, Glycolic Acid | “Exceptional beauty cure”€70

Effective protocol that deep-cleans and detoxifies skin while relieving stress. This meticulous cleansing protocol is based on thermoactive enzymatic detoxification: it provides heat to open and soften pores, and botanical freshness to close and purify them. This treatment is a new concept that pampers your skin, providing an immediate state of wellbeing so that your skin can reach maximum purity.

VitaminC | “Citrus aromatherapy ritual for radiant skin” €70

Recommended for anyone seeking to recapture skin’s luminosity and firmness through a relaxing citrus aromatherapy experience. This exquisite protocol awakens your senses, infusing skin with all of the energy in Vitamin C. Its extraordinary anti-oxidant action repairs even the most mistreated skin, unveiling a completely hydrated, revitalized complexion that showcases your radiant face. Its delicious citrus fragrances and rich textures make this treatment an unforgettable experience.

Oxygenating Rambla130 by Natura Bissè€70

A purifying treatment that recovers the skin’s tone and and vitality.

Peeling Rambla130 by Natura Bissè€70

An Exfoliating Treatment with an amazing effect.



Lifting Hialurónico | Natural Lifting Efect70€





FACIAL TREATMENTS BY CARITA PARIS CARITA today represents unostentatious “glamour”, marked by refinement, sophistication and simplicity, which is subtly found just as much in the substance and texture of the products as in the tailor-made service offered in its salons.

EyeSmoothing/Firming | Revitalizing eye contour treatment.€46

Plumping Facial Mask | Provides deep skin hydration.€65

Soothing/Moisturizing/Purifying | For all skin types.€85

Anti Age Treatment, “Global 3ORS” | Corrects expression lines and wrinkles.€95

Anti-stains/Firming | Prevents irregularities in pigmentation.€95



Collagen Veil Moisturizing Rambla130 by Geli D’Mora €60

Acne Facial Cleansing Treatment Rambla130 by Geli D’Mora | 5 Sessions* €250

Acne Back Cleansing Treatment Rambla130 by Geli D’Mora | 5 Sessions* €300

Acne Back Peeling Rambla130 by Geli D’Mora | 5 Sessions* €300

Acne Facial Peeling Rambla130 by Geli D’Mora | 5 Sessions* €250

* Check availability here


INDIBA DEEP BEAUTY | INDIBA® Deep Beauty, an exclusive patented technology combining Capacitive and Resistive modes at a frequency of 448 kHz that stimulates ion exchange and balances electrical potential of tissues.

Facial Treatment Indiba Deep Beauty – 30min50€



Hidrolinfa  | Activates the lymphatic system producing a massage that removes toxins.€15

Dr.Babor Bandage  | Dr.Babor Bandage: Fat Burning Treatment with Bandage.€65

Natura Bissè Body Peeling VitaminaC  | Revitalizes the skin with all the benefits of VitaminC.€70

Chocolatherapy  | (Peeling + Massage) in-depth skin nourishment in a wonderful chocolate atmosphere.€70

Indiba + Dr.Babor Bandage  | Pack 10 Sessiones.€650




Revolution, Anti-Cellulite Treatments.€70



BODY TREATMENTS BY NATURA BISSÉ C+C VITAMIN LINE Revitalizes the skin with all the benefits of VitaminC.

Body Peeling  Vitamin C Rambla130 by Natura Bissè70€



Peeling 100% Renovateur Rambla130 by Carita Paris€85


Antiestrés – 50,80min€60|€70

Relax – 50,80min€60|€70

Deep Tissue – 50,80min€60|€70

Sport – 50,80min€60|€70

Lymphatic Drainage€60


Hot Stone


Discover your biological age and improve your overall physical condition.Check Availability


BODY TREATMENTS BY INDIBA | Works to rebalance the ions’ cellular exchange. The cells regain their natural function, the skin tissue regains its lost elasticity by eliminating fat. Restores proper microcirculation, oxygen flows better between cells and therefore provides a rejuvenating and firming effect.

Body Treatment Rambla130 by Indiba Deep Beauty – 30,60min€50|€70

Pack 6 Sessiones – 30min€240

Pack 10 Sessiones – 30min€500

Sports Rehabilitation Rambla130 by INDIBA® Deep Activ | The Teraphy  focuses on accelerating the natural repair mechanisms of the tissue to a safe and secure way, the patient recovers as soon as possible. Both acute and chronic pathology fundamental goal of treatment focuses on reducing pain and inflammation and accelerate  the healing process through the effect of the single Proionic® system of INDIBA® activ.€50

Hair Treatments Rambla130 by INDIBA® Deep Beauty | An exclusive patented technology combining Capacitive and Resistive modes at a frequency of 448 kHz that stimulates ion exchange and balances electrical potential of tissues. Deep action to prevent Baldness and Hair Loss.€50





Underarm €10

Arms €25

Full Leg€25


Chest | Back €25

Bikini + Buttocks €38






Basic Manicure Rambla130 by Essie€17

Spa Manicure Rambla130 by Essie€25

Basic Pedicure Rambla130 by Essie€27

Spa Pedicure Rambla130 by Essie€35