Tratamiento Corporal en Barcelona



Relajante – 50min / 80min 65€ | 80€
Relieve tensions and achieve a state of absolute relaxation

Deep Tissue – 50min / 80min65€ | 80€
Ideal for treating muscle problems, restrictions or tightness

Deportivo – 50min / 80min65€ | 80€
Prepares tissues for sports effort and prevention, and recovery from injuries



Lymphatic Drainage
Designed to improve the essential functions of the lymphatic circulatory system

Hot Stone                                                                                                                                                       85€
Aplicación sobre la piel de piedras a distintas temperaturas para facilitar que fluya la energía vital 

ADCOS Reducer Massage                                                                                                                          70€
Massage of oriental origin, in which different sizes of bamboo canes are used is intended to effect a relaxing, therapeutic and exotic massage for the whole body

Pack 10 ADCOS Reducing Massages                                                                                                    560€
Massage of oriental origin, in which different sizes of bamboo canes are used is intended to effect a relaxing, therapeutic and exotic massage for the whole body

Revolution Massage by Massada                                                                                                              70€



Urban Refuge | Our facilities will become a sanctuary for relaxation during this treatment. We will begin with a mint foot ritual, followed by a geranium and lavender-flavored full body massage. Recommended for people with high levels of physical and emotional stress, as well as for those wishing to get away from Barcelona’s bustle.95€

Rambla130 Sensations | A journey designed to satisfy all of our customers’ needs. We start with our foot ritual to submerge our organism into a physical and mental cleansing with the freshness of the eucalyptus. The journey then continues with a deep body exfoliation with cinnamon, orange and jasmine-scented gold salts that will leave your skin clean and oxygenated, and prepare it for a deep sweet almond oil hydrating massage.95€

Rambla de Canaletes  | The initial evaluation of your skin type will allow our therapist to select the most appropriate facial treatment for your face and thus create a personalized facial experience adapted to your skin’s needs: moisturizing, soothing, firming action or anti-aging. The ritual is finished with a complete body massage that will put you in a deep state of relaxation.95€

DAY SPA RAMBLA130 The “Day Spa Rambla130” has been designed to meet the growing interest of customers for enjoying effective and authentic spa experiences. The program consists of a high-end facial treatment, a deep body massage and manicure & pedicure by Essie. Enjoy a unique experience and forget about the stress from day to day.



Hidrolinfa  | Activates the lymphatic system producing a massage that removes toxins                             20€

Dr.Babor Bandage  | Dr.Babor Bandage: Fat Burning Treatment with Bandage                                         70€

Natura Bissè Body Peeling VitaminaC  | Revitalizes the skin with all the benefits of VitaminC70€

Chocolatherapy / Gold  | (Peeling + Massage) in-depth skin nourishment in a wonderful chocolate / gold atmosphere70€

Massada Pack Anti-Cellulite Pack  | 8 Sessiones + 2 Sessiones Indiba                                                520€

Indiba + Dr.Babor Bandage  | Pack 10 Sessiones650€




Revolution, Anti-Cellulite Treatments70€

The dream of every woman is to get a firm silhouette and skin without cellulite. Massada has created an exclusive treatment that combines all the properties of algae and coffee to achieve a molded body, fight against cellulite, detoxify the body and reaffirm the tissues. This novel treatment with auriculotherapy reduces the anxiety produced by the accelerated pace of life and diets.

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BODY TREATMENTS BY NATURA BISSÉ C+C VITAMIN LINE Revitalizes the skin with all the benefits of VitaminC.

Body Peeling  Vitamin C Rambla130 by Natura Bissè70€



Peeling 100% Renovateur Rambla130 by Carita Paris85€


Discover your biological age and improve your overall physical condition.Check Availability


BODY TREATMENTS BY INDIBA | Works to rebalance the ions’ cellular exchange. The cells regain their natural function, the skin tissue regains its lost elasticity by eliminating fat. Restores proper microcirculation, oxygen flows better between cells and therefore provides a rejuvenating and firming effect.

Body Treatment Rambla130 by Indiba Deep Beauty – 30min / 60min50€ | 70€

Pack 6 Sessiones – 30min                                                240€

Pack 10 Sessiones – 30min500€

Sports Rehabilitation Rambla130 by INDIBA® Deep Activ
The Teraphy  focuses on accelerating the natural repair mechanisms of the tissue to a safe and secure way, the patient recovers as soon as possible. Both acute and chronic pathology fundamental goal of treatment focuses on reducing pain and inflammation and accelerate  the healing process through the effect of the single Proionic® system of INDIBA® activ.50€

Hair Treatments Rambla130 by INDIBA® Deep Beauty – 45min
An exclusive patented technology combining Capacitive and Resistive modes at a frequency of 448 kHz that stimulates ion exchange and balances electrical potential of tissues. Deep action to prevent Baldness and Hair Loss.50€